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  • Tesla’s CAPEX efficiencies could pave the way for a fleet of ‘Alien Dreadnought’ factories
    Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) Q3 10-Q Form for 2020 provided some interesting tidbits about the electric car maker’s plans for the coming years. Among these is the fact that the company is planning to increase its capital expenditures to about $4.5 ... read more
    Source: NewsPublished on 27-10-20
    2 hours ago
  • Tesla’s (TSLA) Q3 showing, FSD Beta still haven’t won over some analysts
    Rumer Willis once said, “Everybody is going to have an opinion on you; not everyone is going to like you.” Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is certainly feeling that now. After showing its most successful quarterly performance in company history last week ... read more
    Source: NewsPublished on 27-10-20
    3 hours ago
  • Tesla Model 3 soundly beats fossil fuel-powered rivals in Targa West Rally
    The Tesla Model 3 Performance has proven itself to be a rather frightening force in rallies, after the all-electric sedan completely dominated the 130 class of the Targa West Rally, ending the race nearly 10 minutes ahead of a ... read more
    Source: NewsPublished on 27-10-20
    7 hours ago
  • SpaceX swaps Starship Raptor engine for one last pre-flight test
    On the same day SpaceX stacked a flightworthy Starship prototype to its full height for the first time, the company decided to swap one of the rocket’s three Raptor engines ahead of one last major pre-flight test. Curiously, at ... read more
    Source: NewsPublished on 27-10-20
    9 hours ago
  • NEVs like Tesla expected to account for 50% of China’s new car sales by 2035
    It appears that new energy vehicles (NEV) in China are poised to become even more prolific in the coming years, with the cars likely accounting for as much as 50% of the country’s overall new car sales by 2035. ... read more
    Source: NewsPublished on 27-10-20
    10 hours ago
  • Tesla job listings for Canada hint at plans to ramp sales and delivery locations
    Tesla recently posted job openings for several positions in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Manitoba and Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada. The job listings were posted not long after the EV automaker changed its strategies in the country by halting its ... read more
    Source: NewsPublished on 27-10-20
    15 hours ago
  • Tesla launches its UK Energy Plan, hints at upcoming Virtual Power Plant project
    Tesla has launched its Energy Plan for the United Kingdom. This marks one of the first big moves Tesla Energy has taken to become a viable a utility service option in the country. IT professional and environmentalist Mark ... read more
    Source: NewsPublished on 26-10-20
    18 hours ago
  • SpaceX schedules next GPS satellite launch attempt after swapping Falcon 9 engines
    Multiple outlets report that SpaceX has rescheduled its third US military GPS III satellite launch to no earlier than (NET) 6:24 pm EDT (18:24 UTC) Thursday, November 5th. Agonizingly, a United Launch Alliance (ULA) National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) launch ... read more
    Source: NewsPublished on 26-10-20
    21 hours ago
  • Volkswagen gets FUD over its “irritatingly energetic” EV strategy
    Volkswagen is serious about its electric vehicle business. This is evident in the German automaker’s efforts to release its first mass-market electric car, the ID.3. The vehicle has received its own fair share of acclaim and criticism since its ... read more
    Source: NewsPublished on 26-10-20
    22 hours ago
  • Tesla reveals plans for its fifth Gigafactory, but it won’t be in India
    Tesla has revealed that its next Gigafactory and battery cell production facility will likely be located in the United States, according to the company’s 10-Q document that was released for the third quarter. A Form 10-Q is a quarterly report ... read more
    Source: NewsPublished on 26-10-20
    1 day ago